3 highlights from the UAE’s ‘In The Heart of Another Country’ show

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DUBAI: Here are three highlights from ‘In The Heart of Another Country,’  which runs until Sept. 24 at Al-Mureijah Art Spaces in Sharjah, UAE.

‘Mount Tamalpaïs’  

Etel Adnan 

The full title of this show is “In The Heart of Another Country The Diasporic Imagination Rises.” It features works from dozens of Asian and Arab artists, dating from 1935 to the present day. “What unites these myriad artworks, and their makers, is the emirate of Sharjah,” the brochure states, “which has historically served as a site of encounter and exchange amongst artists and intellectuals.” Adnan’s 2015 work was commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation. 

‘Untitled 7’ 

Ibrahim Massouda 

The exhibition, the brochure says, “examines the increasingly mutable notion of home” and “charts sentiments of longing, memorial and homecoming through … artworks that unfold across borders, both real and imagined.” Massouda, who painted this work in the early 1950s, was part of the Egyptian Surrealist group.   

‘Sailing Boats’ 

Lionel Wendt 

The show, drawn from the foundation’s public collection, was originally on display in Hamburg last year. This sequel was “conceived as a homecoming — a restorative act of resuscitation.” This piece is by a pioneering Sri Lankan photographer who, in the first half of the 20th century, experimented with a number of different techniques, including collage and solarization.  

Courtesy: arabnews