White House Deeply Concerned About Sikh Killing in Canada

by The Frontier Post

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: White House Spokesperson, Karine Pierre while referring to the Sikh citizen killing in Canada, supposedly by an Indian Diplomat said that “we are deeply concerned about it” and that “Canada and US are regularly in touch with each other on important issues.”

It is pertinent to mention here that White House National Security Spokesperson, John Kirby gave a similar reply yesterday when he was asked about this developing story, in which so far Canada has expelled one Indian diplomat and as a tit for tat action, Indian Embassy in Canada has stopped issuing visas to the Canadian Indian citizens. 

According to India media the deceased Sikh Canadian citizen was supposedly involved in raising and supporting the “Khalistan” issue, which pertains to Sikhs of India wanting to have a separate country for themselves. 

Canadian media and officials on the other hand are of the opinion that how dare another country’s official organize, plot and execute a murder on their land and of their citizen. 

The Canadian argument is definitely supported by the majority of the first world countries but at the same time this incident has raised many eye brows around the world about embassies or individuals working in embassies being hand in gloves with local gangsters and mafias. 

When asked about Israel and Saudi Arabia,Karine once again emphasized President Biden’s argument that with out Palestine, talks with Israel and Saudi relations will not bare any fruits.