80 Afghan children to get medical treatment in Germany

KABUL (Tolo News): The Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) in cooperation with Germany’s Peace Village is planning to take at least 80 children to Germany for medical treatment within the next two weeks. The children are suffering from various types of ailments.
The families of the children affected with the diseases appreciated the ARCS’s support. Abubakar, 7, was brought to Kabul from Balkh province. He is registered by ARCS for medical treatment in Germany. Abubakar’s father was a member of the former security forces and lost his life in combat.
“I am sick. I come here to the doctors to treat me,” Abubakar said. Sabir Rahman has brought his two children to Kabul from Jalalabad. Sabir said that he is working as a laborer and that he is unable to pay for the treatment of his kids. “They were sick. I took them to the doctors, but I couldn’t afford the medicines. I was buying the medicine very rarely. If I had money to treat them, they would be better now,” he said.
Hundreds of other children are waiting to be taken for medical treatment. “I fell down from a roof. My foot is broken. I wanted to play with my friend but I am a disabled,” said Yasir, 7, who came here to be listed for medical treatment. A group of doctors of Peace Village Germany came to Kabul to help with the process of evacuating these children to Germany.
“We can take now 80 children to Germany for treatment. It is not so much … We see that we can take more than 80 children but it is a problem when we don’t have the budget for free and for that now only 80 children can come to Germany,” a German doctor said. The ARCS said that every six months the doctors from Germany come to Kabul to examine the health of the children.
“Based on our method, every six months doctors visit Afghanistan and then they select the children and then the children are under treatment for a period of six months in Germany. And then again the doctors come here to select new children suffering from ailments,” said Noor Agha Sahibzada, a spokesman for the ARCS. The Peace Village Germany has been working in cooperation with ACRS for over 30 years in Afghanistan to facilitate the treatment of children suffering from different types of diseases. Based on statistics, around 4,500 children have been treated by Germany’s Peace Village.