A city on a beautiful mountain. Alanya Turkish resort guide

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): For a long time, Alanya was on the sidelines, yielding to Antalya. But ten years ago, its own airport appeared, and since then there are more and more tourists – not even a pandemic prevented it. Here you can swim on the cleanest beach in the country, breathe in the healing air in the caves, climb the mountains, and taste excellent bananas. The main attractions of the resort are in the RIA Novosti photo feed.

“There are a thousand restaurants on the water – on pontoons,” says Victoria Trenikhina. “The water is cold, only seven degrees, it’s very nice in the heat.”

There is enough entertainment in this place: you can swim in the pools, and the most daring swim in the river, jumping into it from the banks. “There are also water slides there,” adds Anna Kharitonova.