A Tele Talk Toronto To love with PIA

Parvez Jamil

It is very easy to criticize but very difficult to create. How about turning rampant criticism into value-adding suggestions towards a better and brighter Pakistan, including national carrier PIA!

Pakistan is a land of immense promise and potential and so is PIA, our National carrier with Pakistan. With all thy faults we love thee still Pakistan with all our tapped and untapped assets, Including PIA. Love Pakistan means love PIA too.

How about suggestions towards a better and brighter Pakistan and PIA indeed!!

Why not, PIA, believe in Allah gifted talents and inborn self confidence in more suitable and feasible marketing and promotion by tested skills and proven acumen through innovation and invention for spacious space and better environ towards customer care, comfort and satisfaction for better creditability and profitability of the airline.

PIA’s Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (BLD) quality of food and service dot on time is one of the best in the world. It has to be ensured stewards stay prompt to attend passengers even beyond fixed BLD timings. Stewards to take round in short intervals for passengers even without fixed time of service. Passengers be familiarized with call bell system and need to be catered promptly to call bell.

The announcement of seat belt fastening during turbulence is vital.  But passengers need to be informed when to unfasten seat belts after the turbulence is over. Otherwise, some extra cautious and decorum abiding passengers shall continue to stay in seat belts until the announcement is made to unfasten seat belts. True there is indication through sign and light on when to fasten or unfasten seat belts but passengers need to be familiarized well in this regard.

Toilet caring, cleaning and cleanliness remain of paramount significance by prompt refills, applications and usages of detergents, soaps

and disinfectants and through providing better hygiene by removing congestion and enhancing suitable space for customer satisfaction and for credibility of the airline.

What to talk of TV, YouTube and Wifi, how about PIA long distance international flights innovating, sporting and launching cost effective indoor recreation like carroms, chess, cards and alike, small library of newspapers, books and magazines, musical and comedy show each by celebrity performers for customer satisfaction towards better business promotion.

PIA’s promotional items are second to none in the realm of marketing strategy for international airlines with Innovating appealing yet economical little and small “give aways’ for passengers like affordable key chains, ball points, plastic cutlery, paper plates, paper glasses. tissue papers, tooth picks IF NOT costly mugs, Jersies, watches,  clocks, sun glasses etc. will be impetus to customer care.

Why not PIA daring to be first beyond first aid box passenger care in having a couple of its own very serving doctors with nurses, paramedics and pharmacy to meet any eventualities or emergencies on board towards better customer care and as part of its inventive and innovative marketing and promotion.

Author of this write up carries wide and varied professional background as teaching faculty in business management and corporate communication writing human interest articles on national and world affairs.