Actress Jennifer Aniston sends love to women on the front lines of the coronavirus

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LONDON: Hollywood’s leading actor Jennifer Aniston has joined the list of celebrities addressing the soaring coronavirus scare.

Turning to her over 30 million followers on Instagram, the 51-year-old Friends actor used her colossal platform to raise awareness about the global pandemic and the necessary measures the public needs to be taking in order to stay safe.

This is a chaotic time… but remember the best thing we can do right now is stay informed, stay calm, and stay inside or away from crowds to help slow the spread of the virus,” she said on her Instagram Stories.

“It’s important we take it seriously that we can keep others healthy. If you’re young and healthy please remember social distancing is not just for you, it’s to help everyone who is at risk or vulnerable,” she added.

“We need to work together! Be safe and spread the word,” she concluded.

The Murder Mystery actor also gave a nod of approval to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s post announcing that they will be donating $1 million for the coronavirus cause.

Sharing their post, Jen said: “@blakelively and @vancityreynolds said it perfectly. Even while distancing, there ARE ways to help!”

She also urged fans to donate to organization name Feeding America that is helping assemble and deliver food to families in need.

Jennifer also paid homage to all the medical professionals putting in their day and night helping the people struck by the infectious disease and spending time close to the threat selflessly.

“Sending lots of love and gratitude to all of these amazing women working around the clock. You are our heroes,” she said.