Actress Maya Ali feels trolls use ‘religion’ to their convenience

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KARACHI: Actress Maya Ali has shed light on an immensely awakening observation which has made us realize that the Pakistani troll community uses the religion to their utmost ‘convenience’.

The actress provides her ‘strong’ opinion regarding how everyone specifically the Troll police don’t shy away from commenting on attires or actions which are prohibited in Islam and should be avoided.

However the fact that how social media users don’t hesitate from attacking various people on their skin-colour, body-shape or any of the features which they have been blessed with by Allah is in itself the epitome of double-standards.

Actress Maya stated: ‘Everyone is extremely beautiful in their own way.’

Miss Ali feels that the population acts according to convenience rather than what has actually been instructed in Islam.

Therefore she implies that the religion is being used when one is comfortable to impose it whereas who are we to call someone fat or thin when we all are Allah’s creation?

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