Actress Sabeena Farooq TRICKED by Indian fan

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Actress Sabeena Farooq has lately been the victim of humorous ‘scheming’ (yes, we are exaggerating here), by an Indian fan and the whole experience is quite entertaining therefore keep on reading!

The Pakistani showbiz star has taken to her social media platform and has shared a post reflecting upon how a fan has managed to trick her however the public figure looks rather impressed with the smart approach that her Indian fan has indulged in, in order to capture her attention.

In case you aren’t aware or are a bit confused: Getting responses from celebrated public figures over social media, is considered to be a big deal because these acknowledged personalities have such massive fan followings that it becomes rather impossible to respond to every message.

Let’s now jump on to Sabeena and her fan’s amusing encounter.

The actress, in search of a scrumptious ‘Kunafa’ (also known as Kanafeh or Knafeh, a popular Arab dessert), decided to post a question sticker, to get recommendations from her followers on where she can find a good ‘Kunafa’ in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

One of Sabeena’s fans responded to the sticker by stating: “We have our own shop in Rawalpindi, ma’am.”

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To this, Sabeena responded: “Where?”

The answer that came afterward might amuse you yet can also shed light on the kind of ‘attachments’ fans tend to form with public figures, which might not be a favorable aspect in some cases.

Sabeena’s fan said: “I am a big fan of you. Sorry, I just wanted a reply from you. By the way, I am from India, your reply just made my day ma’am.”

The whole interaction has been shared by Sabeena Farooq on her social media handle while the actress has also left a comment laced with appreciation for how the fan managed to trick her through a smart technique.

Sabeena wrote: “Roze mein khel gaya humara larka.” (Followed by a clapping emoticon).