Afghan Ambassador: Ahmad Massoud did not flee to Tajikistan, resistance forces are still holding their positions

DUSHANBE (Asia-Plus): The information that the leader of the resistance, Ahmad Masud, left Panjshir is untrue, he is inside Afghanistan, Afghan Ambassador to the Republic of Tajikistan Muhammad Zohir Agbar said today at a press conference in Dushanbe.

“For security reasons, the leaders of the resistance are not available to the public. I am in constant contact with Amrulla Saleh, who is currently in Panjshir and is in charge of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, ”the diplomat said.

“Pakistan is interfering in Afghan affairs, and the recent visit of the head of the ISI (the country’s intelligence service) to Kabul is a prime example of this,” said Muhammad Zohir Agbar.

“Panjshir was attacked by militants of this movement from 33 regions of Afghanistan with the support of foreign countries. In this beautiful gorge, they faced stiff resistance, after which they shot children and the elderly, dragging them out of their homes. I hope these facts will not leave the international community indifferent.” – said Muhammad Zohir Agbar.

The ambassador noted that most of the families left the Panjshir gorge and are in the mountainous regions.

“The forces of the resistance front are still holding their positions. I am sure that soon the Taliban will understand what Panjshir is. I am also confident that the resistance will not end only with Panjshir, soon it will spread to all regions of Afghanistan,” he said.

 “Not only Tajiks, but also Pashtuns, Ubeks and Hazaras are fighting on the front of resistance,” the Afghan diplomat emphasized.

Commenting on the composition of the government announced by the Taliban, he said:

“The Cabinet of Ministers consists of those people who are still on the UN blacklist, and even people who were in Guantánamo prison, and were considered the most dangerous people. The Taliban’s declared government consists of several mullahs, some of whom have not even read two books. Although earlier the Taliban declared about an inclusive government, ”the ambassador said.

Muhammad Zohir Agbar announced that the political leaders of Afghanistan, including Marshal Dostum, will soon gather and form a large council in support of the Afghan National Resistance Front.

Meanwhile, the international community is in no hurry to recognize the Taliban government.

So far, only Uzbekistan has welcomed the creation of an interim government in Afghanistan and announced its readiness for dialogue with the new Taliban government.