Afghanistan requests $90 million from UNAMA to repay its electricity debts

KABUL (TASS): Afghan-istan’s electricity corporation, Da Afghanistan Bre-shna Sherkat (DABS), has requested $90 million from the United Nations Assista-nce Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to close the country’s debt to foreign electricity supplies, a company source has told TASS.
In a statement published earlier, DABS said the cou-ntry owes about $62 million to neighboring countries for electricity supplies.
According to the source, Kabul owes over $25 million to Iran, $11.2 million to Tajikistan, $9.9 million to Uzbekistan and $5.1 million to Turkmenistan. Besides, the company has liabilities to local power generating enterprises.
The company’s head Safiullah Ahmadzai told reporters that Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat has sent lots of official letters to partners, assuring that it would eventually honor all obligations, and urging them to continue supplies.
In turn, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan announced they would not cut power supplies to Afghanistan during the winter season, despite the debts.
In order to solve its pro-blems, the company reque-sted assistance from a UN body.
“DABS has requested $90 million in aid from UNAMA to repay its debts,” the TASS source said.
The situation is made worse by the plunge in incomes that many Afghan residents are facing now.
According to a TASS correspondent, some Kabul residents owe up to $600 to power suppliers, which is an impracticable sum for an average family.