Afghans abroad celebrate Independence Day

KABUL (TOLO News): Some Afghans living outside the country celebrated the 104th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence on 28 Asad by flying the country’s tricolor flag.

“Happy 104th anniversary of the independence of the country to all compatriots. Today is the day when our ancestors and elders stood up against the aggression of foreigners and defended their land,” said Noor Ahmad, an Afghan citizen in Turkey.

“We are celebrating today, when we got our independence from the Westerners and the British. Today, we are proud to celebrate our Independence Day as Afghans, both inside and outside,” said Ezatullah, an Afghan citizen in Turkey.

Afghans said that the country’s soil has been invaded by world powers several times throughout history, and they added that the country’s independence is the result of their ancestors’ struggles against the invasion of foreign powers.

“Due to its geopolitical, geostrategic, and geoeconomic importance, Afghanistan has been repeatedly attacked by world powers such as the British, Russians, and Americans, but these powers have been forced to leave Afghanistan after some time…,” said Jamaluddin, an Afghan citizen in Turkey.

One hundred and four years ago, Shah Amanullah rebelled against the British and finally gained Afghanistan’s independence from the British.

Although Afghanistan was never part of the British Empire, after the signing of the treaty between Afghanistan and England in 1919, Afghanistan gained its independence from Britain.