Ahsan Iqbal says Imran Khan is a victim of his own contradictions

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said Monday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan had become a victim of his own contradictions.


“Imran Khan’s politics has defaulted whether the assemblies are dissolved or not,” he maintained.


“Imran Khan has done the politics of spreading chaos in Pakistan. He has done the politics of making people fight each other. He has done the politics of putting people in jails by implicating them in false cases. He has done the politics of stealing gifts from Toshakhana,” he deplored.


“I wish he would have done the politics of fixing the Pakistani economy during his four-year tenure. He would not have seen this day if he had taken any step to serve the people,” he pointed out.


“The Pakistani nation has now recognised his true face, the biggest proof of which is the recent Kashmir elections. Despite its government, the PTI could not get 30 percent seats,” he added.


“If the assemblies are dissolved, there will be a caretaker government. We will fight them. They will be very lucky if they get even 20 percent seats in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP),” he claimed.


“Imran Khan should retire from politics now. He has proved that his politics is the politics of making people fight each other and of taking the country to bankruptcy. This is the agenda of the enemies of the country, not the agenda of the friends of Pakistan,” he castigated.


“Imran Khan has now run out of all his tactics. He has performed as many dramas as he wanted to do. The nation knows that he remained in power for four years, but from Peshawar to Karachi he cannot name even a single project that he initiated,” he asserted.


“Imran Khan has done nothing in four years except character assassination of his political rivals. Now a rift is visible in his coalition government. He is blaming General (retd) Qamar Bajwa for all his troubles while Pervaiz Elahi is saying that he will not hear anything against General (retd) Qamar Bajwa,” Ahsan Iqbal said.


“Imran Khan is a professional ungrateful person. He deceived the county which introduced him into cricket. He deceived his cousin who, as a captain, gave him the opportunity to play in cricket team. He deceived Nawaz Sharif who gave money and land for Shaukat Khanum Hospital to make it a successful project. He deceived Shehbaz Sharif who gave him land for his Namal University. He deceived Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan,” Ahsan Iqbal lambasted.


“Imran Khan deceived everyone who favoured him. If he had any decency, he would have remembered the favours of General Bajwa for seven generations. He is an ungrateful person,” he added.


“We have got many options in the Punjab Assembly. Pakistan is currently trying to get out of the severe economic crisis that Imran Khan has left in legacy. The worst flood occurred in the country. We are trying to rebuild the damaged infrastructure,” he declared.


“At this time, Pakistan cannot afford any kind of political instability. The countries aiding Pakistan want political stability. We will not allow Imran Khan to create crisis in Pakistan,” he stated.


“We are waiting when the announcement of dissolving the assemblies is implemented. If the assemblies were to be dissolved, they would have been dissolved in two hours. Delaying the date for dissolving the assemblies clearly means that face saving is needed,” he pointed out.


He also said that elections would be held in October 2023 after census. He added that Rs34 billion were needed for the census.