AI calls for release of Matiullah and Neda

KABUL (TOLOnews): Amnesty International called for the release of Matiullah Wesa, founder of the PenPath campaign and advocate for girls’ education, and woman protestor Neda Parwani. On X social media platform, Amnesty International said that six months have passed since Wesa was arrested, and the Islamic Emirate has not yet released him. “Today marks 6 months since the Taliban arbitrarily arrested education activist Matiullah Wesa simply for protesting the ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan,” the organization said. “Amnesty International is deeply concerned about the arbitrary arrest of woman protestor Neda Parwani, her husband and four-year old son. After a week, there is no information on her whereabouts. The Taliban de facto authorities must immediately and unconditionally release Parwani and her family.” “There is Neda Parwani, and before her, Wesa and several other activists or those who criticized the work and discriminatory policies of the Taliban were detained. We urge that the arrests stop,” said Zaman Sultani, South Asia researcher of Amnesty International. Meanwhile, some of Neda Parwani’s relatives asked the Islami Emirate to release her as soon as possible. “Neda Parvani was arrested with her husband and son from the Khairkhana area at nine in the morning on the 28th of Sunbola solar calendar,” said Maryam, a relative of Neda Parvani. Some members of the UN, and civil society activists in the UN meeting called for the release of Neda Parwani. “I’m gravely concerned about the recent arrest of Neda Parwani and her family and here this is her photograph and I call for her immediate release,” said Karima Bennoune, Professor of Law at the University of Michigan. The Islamic Emirate did not comment on this matter, but it did state that anyone who engages in abnormal conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the law. “No one should be concerned; the Islamic Emirate is responsible for providing security and is responsible for punishing those who have suspicious and abnormal activities,” Zabihullah Mujahid, the Islamic Emirate spokesman, said. Including the United Nations, some international organizations asked the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to release civil society activists, journalists, and human rights defenders, but so far this demand has not been met.