Airstrike: At least 300 Taliban fighters killed in Herat

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HEART: At least 300 Taliban fighters killed in a deady airstrike in Heart province of Afghanistan and leaving dozen others injured.

The officials of Heart governemnt told local media that the airstrike was carried out on Tuesday in Chest Sharif district of Herat in which at least 300 Taliban fighters were killed as they were gathered for a meeting.

The officials said that after the airstrike the Taliban fighters were forced to leave the area, however it was not clear yet that for what reason Taliban was gathered in such number.

The airstrike was carried out after receiving information about the Talban gathering in the area.

Taliban group have not commented on the causalities so far.

Herat is one of the relatively peaceful provinces in western parts of Afghanistan but the security situation of some of its remote districts have started to deteriorate during the recent years amid rampant Taliban-led insurgency.

Earlier, last week at least 40 Taliban gunmen were killed in infighting among two Taliban factions in Shindand district of the province.

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