Asif questions future of Senate chairman, deputy elected through ‘sold votes’

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk): Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Tuesday questioned the future of the Senate chairman and deputy chairman elected through voting of members who had sold their votes.

Asif took to twitter to express his views after a press conference held earlier today by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan who had disclosed the names of his party members who had sold their votes in the recently held Senate elections.

“What will be the fate of Senators elected on their votes..and the chairman and deputy chairman elected on the votes of those senators..whole process is void ab initio.” wrote Asif.

Imran had revealed the names of lawmakers who sold votes during the Senate elections and announced to expel them from the party. He had said that nobody took any action on the buying and selling of votes during the Senate election. Imran claimed that between 30-40 votes were sold in the Senate elections.

Nargis Ali, Dina Naz, Nagina Khan, Naseem Hayat, and Fauzia Bibi were named as the female PTI lawmakers who had sold votes.

Among the male PTI lawmakers who were found guilty of selling votes by PTI’s investigation committee were Sardar Idrees, Obaid Mayar, Zahid Duranni, Abdul Haq, Qurban Khan, Amjid Afridi, Javed Naseem, Yasin Khali, Faisal Zaman, and Sami Alizayi.

The PTI chief also named Mairaj Humayun from Qaumi Watan Party, Khatoon Bibi and Babar Saleem from Awami Jamhuri Ittehad Pakistan, and Wajeeh uz Zaman from Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) for being involved in selling votes during the elections of the Upper House of the Parliament.