Australian moral depletion

Australian parliament staffers have staged a protest after imagery was leaked that allegedly showed their male colleagues engaging in workplace sex acts. The sit-in protest was staged by the staffers on Tuesday in the parliament’s ‘prayer and meditation’ room. A whistleblower provided the images and videos to the Australian 10 News channel over the weekend said the room has been mainly used for sex rather than for its original purpose.

After this revelation, about two dozen staffers, primarily women, gathered and condemned the parliament’s existing workplace culture. The protesters called for making the legislature a more comfortable place for women, while condemning the culture of silence persisting in the parliament. The protesters were in view that they have been usually told to keep quite on such issues if any thing happen to you to secure your career.

After the current leak of videos several other female staffers claimed to be raped by their male colleagues in the past. The Australian government became under tremendous pressure from the public demanding accountability and end of such heinous crimes with in the Country’s top legislating body. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison expressed his shock, acknowledged the shortcomings in the government response to the enduring sex scandal and urged the parliament get the house in order. Some sections of Australian government suggesting induction of more women in to the parliament to tackle this sexual misconduct with in the ranks of staffers.

The moral and professional ethics within the nation Supreme organization of Australia is really worrisome and the method to tackle the situation is also interesting. Instead of penalizing the criminals government is going to increase the numbers of potential victims. It may be a fruitful idea but it would not curb the tendency of a criminal mind. So, it is advisable to Australian government to take the culprits on task instead of gathering honey near the Wasp.