Austria’s Kurz, government ousted in no-confidence vote

VIENNA, Austria (AA): Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his government were ousted on Monday with a no-confidence vote in the parliament.

Kurz and his caretaker government failed to receive a confidence vote from the main opposition Social Democratic Party, far-right Freedom Party and green Liste Jetzt party.

Following the parliament’s move, Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen is expected to appoint a new chancellor who will take the country to snap elections.

Last week, Kurz’s far-right Vice Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache stepped down from his post over a video-sting scandal.

German publications Der Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung published a video on their websites which shows Strache discussing and promising government contractors to a Russian-origin woman, who appears to be a potential investor, in exchange for helping his party campaign in the 2017 elections.

Kurz’s center-right People’s Party had ended the coalition government with Strache’s Freedom Party after the secret video footage emerged Friday.

The president then called for snap elections to be held in September.