Bahrain and UAE provide much needed aid to Kabul

DUBAI (Agencies): More than 90 tons of urgent humanitarian relief was flown from Bahrainto Afghanistan following a royal directive by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The first shipment, which contained medical supplies, food items, clothes and tents was inspected at Bahrain International Airport by the king’s representative for humanitarian work and youth affairs Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa before despatched.
“The humanitarian aid of Bahrain was given to the people of Afghanistan by the order of the Emir of Bahrain, and our wish is for Afghanistan to move towards stability and security, and this aid is part of our urgent assistance, which includes medical supplies, food, clothing and tents. We want to continue our assistance to Afghanistan,” Nasser said. Meanwhile, the Taliban have appealed to the international community to help with humanitarian aid for the people.
“On behalf of the Islamic Emirate, we thank Bahrain for this humanitarian action that helped the people of Afghanistan, and on behalf of the Ministry of Health, we handed over this aid to the people who are facing problems,” said Mawolavi Hassibullah Ahmadi, head of the Taliban’s Health Commission. In addition to Bahrain’s shipment, the United Arab Emirates sent in 60 tons of relief.
The Taliban said the continued assistance of countries around the world, especially Arab countries, is helping to meet the challenges of the people.
“This is a plane from the UAE, and this is the second plane from the UAE that helped and submitted [relief] to the Health Commission on behalf of the UAE, and that is 60 tons of food, medicine and basic necessities, and Inshallah (God willing), it will be distributed to the deserving and affected families,” Ahmadi said. After the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the only international flights to have landed in Kabul have been these relief flights.