Building a hospital

The Ex-CJ Mian Saqib Nisar was upset on finding out the delaying tactics used by CDA in approving the plan for building a hospital in Islamabad by Bahrain’s government. He was right to point out that the delaying tactics used by CDA was denying the people of Pakistan from medical facilities of a new hospital. And therefore he tried to take swift action to help the Bahrain’s government get the approval from CDA for the construction of new hospital.

Unfortunately this is the situation in all Pakistan. In Peshawar while trying to build a new hospital we have been requesting the relevant authorities to give us the approval to start construction, but for the past year the authorities have been using delaying tactics by sending us for approvals from different departments and asking us to correct small mistakes in the design.

After months of going back and fourth between the different organizations including Irrigation department, Civil aviation, police etc we have been finally told the real reason for delay, which was a direct bribe wanted by the approving authority amounting to 5 million rupees.

I could not feel anything except disgust after hearing this because if in Pakistan and in PTI’s KP, if a Pakistani wants to establish a facility for the people of our nation, they have to suffer at the delaying tactics of bribe taking Government approving authorities. I for one would not want to give out bribes and establish a welfare organization in such a place.

Therefore I would like to request the Government to make it easy for establishing welfare institutions like Hospital, colleges, schools, parks etc in Pakistan, by offering one window facility and fixed time for approval of requests, and right to appeal against delays and denials.

To streamline the pending cases, the KP Government can also request the investors to contact Ministry of Health or CM office to seek their help in getting all approvals in time.

Shahryar Khan Baseer


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