Calls mount to reopen Afghan schools for girls

KABUL (TOLOnews): Female students in Kabul said on the opening day of the 1402 academic year that they once again felt hopeless as a result of the closing of their schools.
They asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools above sixth grade across the country.
Maryam, who was waiting for the schools to open along with thousands other students, said: “Why are schools closed to girls? When there is no female doctor, a woman should go to a male doctor?”
“Today is the day of despair for us. We were waiting to go to school on this day, but we were not allowed to go to school,” Sadaf, a student told TOLOnews.
“Today, I have a very bad feeling, because I could not go to school. When I see someone go to school, I feel bad that why I cannot go,” Amina, another student in Kabul said.
Meanwhile, male students are asking the current government to allow girls to be educated as well.
“We went to school, it was great. One thing that made me sad was that girls’ schools did not open,” said Faizullah, a student.
“We ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools because girls also have a right to education, so they serve their country,” said Rouhullah, a student.
Several Kabul and Khost residents asked the Islamic Emirate to comply with the people’s demand to open schools for girls.
“This is the demand of all the people and serious attention should be paid to these demands,” said Haji Adam Khan, a tribal elder of Khost.
“Girls’ schools should be opened so that we have a bright future,” said Mohammad Hossein, a resident of Kabul.
Earlier, the head of the security department in Parwan, Azizullah Omar, told TOLOnews that schools for female students will reopen soon after the work on the curriculum is finished.
“There is no problem about the start of schooling. There is only a problem in the curriculum. And therefore, a committee has been formed for its reform. After the confirmation of the clerics, the schools will start,” he said.