Canadian travel vlogger Rosie Gabrielle wants tourists to stop ‘destroying Hunza’s culture’

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Canadian travel vlogger Rosie Gabrielle has slammed local tourists for destroying the culture of Northern Pakistan, specially Hunza, by bringing “bad behaviors, drugs, vulgarity, and rave parties.”

Gabrielle took to Instagram to advocate for a cleaner North, sharing a poster with a picture of her with the words ‘Keep the North Pure’. She started her lengthy note off with a warning: “YOU WILL DESTROY YOUR COUNTRY.”

She went on to highlight that ever since COVID restrictions barred people from traveling abroad, more and more people have been coming up North, and how that is now spelling disaster for the locals. “Instead of bringing just their smiles and leaving only good memories, they are bringing bad behaviors, drugs, vulgarity, rave parties, and leaving a lot of TRASH!” she said.

Gabrielle also opened up about suffering a nervous breakdown thanks to “local tourists” who made her “run far into the mountains for many weeks to escape these people.”

She further slammed people who think releasing their pent-up energies by coming to sacred land and bringing their toxic habits to innocent communities is okay.

“By introducing these behaviors and substances you’re destroying a culture. By leaving your trash, you’re demolishing the land and disrespecting the house of God.”

According to Gabrielle, these practices may even lead to higher suicide rates in the region, which already ranks high for it.

The renowned vlogger advised people to instead bring more positivity and productivity to the North. “Instead of raves, create workshops and make music. Bring your skills, not your drugs, show love, not vulgarity. And for GOD’s SAKE, CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH,” she urged.

She also shared messages that she received from local Hunza people, urging her to raise a voice for them. “I received countless messages from local Hunza people, PLEADING me to help stop this carnage. They are losing their traditional values, indigenous cultures, and land. Because this world is not ours to destroy. These lands and cultures are not yours to abuse.”