Carpet manufacturers demand speedy measures to boost exports

LAHORE (APP): The Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMAEA) has stressed the need for taking more effective and speedy measures to enhance overall exports volume and revenue of Pakistan.
Talking to the media here Sunday, Association’s Senior Vice Chairman Usman Ashraf said that until the economy was based on exports, Pakistan’s prosperity hinged on transforming the economy on export base for which economic and other relevant policies would have to be re-formulated in consultation with stakeholders. There was also a dire need to remove unnecessary obstacles and reduce the cost of agricultural and industrial production to ensure an export-led economy.
He suggested that in order to increase country’s exports, a study report of regional and other countries should be prepared, and export promotion responsibilities should be assigned to Pakistani embassies by giving commercial attachés formal export targets, and their performance should also be assessed.
He said there were pavilions of different countries on the superstores established at the major airports of the world where their products were displayed and Pakistan also follow such business promotion strategies, and also make a better use of social media tools to help increase Pakistan’s exports. A system should be evolved under one roof for all exporters where fresh graduates could also market Pakistani products as well as conduct research studies to get aware of the trends of different countries, he added.
Usman Ashraf said that Pakistan direly needed to reorganise its export structure that would definitely ensure speedy economic development and its people’s prosperity.