Chief of the Naval staff message on the occasion of World Oceans Day

F.P. Report

KARACHI: World Oceans Day (WOD) is observed on 8th of June each year to raise awareness about the impact of human activities on the oceans and to motivate people to use the ocean’s resources sustainably. Oceans, a major source of sustenance of life on earth, act as lungs to our planet as they provide more than 50% of the oxygen produced on this planet. Oceans are also key absorbers of green house gases and carbon dioxide.

The WOD aims to highlight challenges in preserving health of world’s oceans and measures to maintain an ecological balance in the environment. The theme selected by UN for WOD-2023 is ‘Planet Oceans: Tides are Changing’. This years’ theme reflects that change is occurring around the world for ocean preservation.

On the eve of WOD, we acknowledge the challenges that are eroding the integrity of our waters – pollution, marine invasive species, extreme climatic changes and threats to survival of marine life. We depend on our oceans for livelihood; fishing alone, from catch to consumer, produces not only food for billions of people but also creates millions of jobs worldwide. Nearly 15% of animal protein consumed by humans comes from marine fish. As the challenges to the oceans continue to grow, so does the need for novel solutions, to fight these challenges.

To commemorate significance of the WOD, Pakistan Navy plays its due role in promoting safe and sustainable use of ocean resources. Some major PN initiatives include; beach cleaning, construction of harbour debris collection barges, mangroves plantation, banning use of destructive fishing nets, tackling oil pollution at sea and coordinating with industrial community to reduce waste dumping into the sea.

A number of events are held to highlight the spirit of the day and activities planned to demonstrate seriousness about oceans and sustainable use of their resources. An active and forthcoming participation by all under Command can significantly contribute to the objectives set on this occasion.

On this day, let us re-affirm our commitment and resolve to save our oceans from further degradation and reverse the damage done so far. There is a dire need to review and conform to ways that would help protect and preserve oceans; Earth’s ultimate source of life.