China reveals new photos of Mars taken by Tianwen 1 research probe

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): National Space Administration of China to celebrate the New Year the publication of four new pictures of Mars .
The pictures were taken using the Tianwen-1 research probe, which wo-rks with the Chinese Mars Chzhurong rover. They show the relief of Mars, including a crater named after the Soviet designer Sergei Korolev, and the Olympia dune field.
Also, experts showed a photo of the northern polar cap of Mars, consisting of frozen water and carbon dioxide. Scientists managed to get frames of the vehicles themselves – a general plan of the orbiter and a partial plan with a deployed solar sail.
“Tianwen-1″ worked for 526 days and is now at a distance of about 350 million kilometers from the Earth , the communication delay is about 19.5 minutes; The rover operates on the surface of Mars 225 Sol and has covered a total of 1400 meters. The mission is conducting reconnaissance and related tests on schedule, with a total of about 560 gigabytes of raw scientific data collected,” the National Space Administration of China said. The department stressed that both devices are in good condition and are working normally.