Chitral Valley and the evil of terrorism

The menace of terrorism has flourished across Pakistan while the KPK formally known as Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province and Erstwhile FATA bordering Afghanistan, has been the prime victim of terrorist activities in the past almost two decades.

Unfortunately, the latest wave of terrorism has endangered the peace, prosperity and religious harmony in KP’s most peaceful and heavenly regions particularly Chitral, Dir and the famous Lowari top and Shindoor Pass.

There have been several incidents of terrorism and terrorist movements/ activities in border regions adjoining Afghanistan which have caused serious concerns among the locals, the tourists from other areas, and the Law Enforcement Agencies who want to preserve peace and tranquillity in the terror-free valley at all costs.

The issue of terrorism has become more complex as several terror outfits including the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have joined hands to achieve their collective manifesto in the broader AfPak region. Those groups are based in the Eastern provinces of Afghanistan, which provided them with easy access and across-border movement between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Similarly, the IS-K is also expanding its network and bringing lethality to its activities inside Pakistan.

Currently, the enemies are regrouping and expanding their sabotage, and subversion to peaceful destinations and tourism hubs in Pakistan. That will not only destroy peace in the region but will ruin local tourism, economy and good neighbourlyness in that areas. The terror incidents met a prompt reaction and Corps Commander Peshawar personally visited Chitral and emphasized an unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order in the area.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Chitral also expressed their commitment to working alongside Pak Army and other law enforcement agencies to preserve peace in this naturally breathtaking valley. In fact, LEAs alone cannot preserve peace in far flung areas and need full public support, valuable intelligence sharing and people resilience against the evil of terrorism who had taken root in our society.

Luckily, residents of Chitral have affirmed their resolve to preserve complete peace and tranquillity in their homeland, hence, they can defeat all evildoers with their teamwork and cooperation.