Clashes erupt between Taliban, Daesh in Laghman

Monitoring Desk

JALALABAD: Clashes erupted between the Taliban and Islamic State fighters in Alingar district in Laghman province.

According to a press release issued by the Islamic State Khurasan Chapter, their fighters attacked Taliban in Dagar Kala area in Alingar district. Four Taliban were killed in the gunfight, it added.

Taliban retreated from 11 villages in the area, the press release stated. The Islamic State or Daesh gunmen captured these villages, it added.

Officials of Nangarhar and Taliban have not said anything in this regard so far. However, a local resident of Alingar told Afghan media outlet that the clashes between Taliban and Daesh occurred in Noor Laam Sahib valley over the past two days.

Sources close to Taliban said that six Daesh gunmen were killed and few Taliban fighters were injured in the gunfight. The Taliban were rearranging fighters to launch attack, the sources added.

Separately, gunmen beheaded a person in Behsud district in Nangarhar province. According to local residents, Taliban are involved in the incident.

According to local residents, gunmen took away two persons from Hada Akhundzada village two days ago. One of them was killed and another killed.

The deceased was identified as Qari Ghulam Farooq. Local residents said the Taliban killed him on charges of supporting Daesh.

Eyewitnesses said signs of torture and cuts were found on the body of Qari Ghulam Farooq. His head had been cut off his body. They, however, added he did not have links with Daesh or any other armed groups.

The Taliban have not said anything in this regard so far.