CM Balochistan demands Opposition apologise for clashes outside Balochistan Assembly

F.P. Report

QUETTA: Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal on Saturday demanded that the Opposition apologise for the violent clashes that took place outside the provincial assembly prior to the unveiling of the budget for fiscal year 2021-22 to prevent the chaos from becoming a precedent.

Addressing the Balochistan Assembly, Kamal said that if the matter is not taken seriously now then in the future “anyone can climb over the gate and get inside”.

The chief minister said that at the very least he does not want his party to be blamed, that the chaos resulted due to “their weakness”. “If there is no respect for the assembly, there will be none for us.”

Kamal said that provinces do not progress with rallies and demonstrations. He said that the Opposition may be pleased that there is no development work in the province but they should not blackmail the government.

He invited the Opposition lawmakers to hold discussions instead in parliament — whether or not all their demands are agreed upon — noting that the people surely did not vote for the Opposition for them to spend their time in jail.

“So come and talk to us. All discussions become part of record.”

He went on to state that holding a press conference in the police station does not have the same impact as speaking in the assembly.

Meanwhile, members of Opposition parties were present at the Bijli Road police station for a sixth day, offering themselves up for arrest.

Leader of the Opposition in the Balochistan Assembly Malik Sikandar said that the fact that the Opposition leaders are not being arrested “is proof that the FIR against us is false”.

Opposition lawmakers had clashed with police on June 18 outside the Balochistan Assembly, prior to the budget presentation.

Police said Opposition lawmakers had locked all four doors of the building to prevent the budget session from taking place.

The Opposition’s protest and clashes intensified, as per reports, when the chief minister arrived at the assembly.

Police then resorted to ramming the gate so that the government lawmakers could enter for the budget session.