Concerns rise on ‘increasing’ threats to business community

KABUL (TOLO News): Members of the private sector said they are worried about “growing” threats against their lives as crime rate has “increased” in Kabul in recent months.

The CEO of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Atiqullah Nusrat, said the situation is the outcome of “political instability” and insecurity in the country which has increased kidnappings and extortions against the business community.

“Political instability and insecurity have been the biggest challenges on the way of private sector’s activities and investment development. Extortion and kidnapping have increased due to political instability and insecurity and has prevented the private sector from improving,” said Nusrat.

“While we say that the war should end in Afghanistan, in the meantime, crime incidents should also decrease,” said Sima Samar, Chairperson of Independent Human Rights Commission.

Kabul residents said they have witnessed “many incidents” in the past few weeks which is concerning for them.

“Last night, three to four men stabbed a boy and took his money and phone,” said Ehsanulla, a Kabul resident.

Another resident, Mujtaba, said it is hard to go out of home in the evenings.

“People cannot get out of their homes at night. There are some individuals who walk on streets and have knives, pistols and other weapons with them,” he said.

The Ministry of Interior, meanwhile, said Kabul police continue their efforts to prevent crimes in the city.

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