Congressional visit to Allied Nations

A group of US Congressmen led by the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep Adam Smith (D-Wash) had paid an official visit to the Indo-Pacific region and met with the leaders of key US allies Australia and India. The group leader and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep Adam Smith was of the view that the United States cannot meet these greatest security challenges without a strong network of alliances and partnerships. According to him, the US must continue to deepen its engagement and cooperation with Canberra and New Delhi because the tri-nations are confronting shared challenges posed by Beijing.
Currently, the far most of Asia and the Eastern flank of the Indo-Pacific region have become a battlefield of the competition for the world champion. The Peoples’ Republic of China is vigorously touching space and outer space while superseding the United States in many fields of science and technology. The United States proactively forecasted the threat and perceived that it could not mitigate alone the rising challenge of China’s global dominance, so America created a net of alliances and partnerships with China’s adversaries in the region including Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and India. America built Quad Strategic Dialogue, a strategic alliance with India, Japan, and Australia to contain China in 2007. Last year, the United States concluded the AUKUS partnership, a defense pact with Australia, and the UK under which both nuclear powers will assist Australia in the procurement and operation of 8 nuclear power conventional Submarines to deter Chinese threat in the Indo-Pacific Ocean.
The US Congress is a major policy and decision-making forum of the United States government that determines the direction of the US’s internal and external priorities, policies, and allocation of budget for the achievement of those objectives. The recent visit of US lawmakers to Indo-Pacific allies was aimed at interacting with key political and military leaders and intelligentsia of those countries to assess their policies, preparedness, future discourse, and limitations so America can adjust its position or vice versa to attain the core objectives of these partnerships against the adversary.