Contaminated drinking water

It is very pathetic that PPP government, which ruled over Sindh province for the past ten years could not even provided clean drinking water to the people. But on the contrary spends billions of rupees on cultural shows and party public meetings. The Islamabad political power show is one such example of extravagance and lavish spending.

PPP leadership right from Z.A Bhutto down to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari used to claim day in and day out to have rendered sacrifices for ameliorating of the condition of poor people. But, while in power, they deliberately neglect the very basic problems confronting the people, in which provision of clean drinking water is most essential as it directly affect the human health. It should have been a matter of shame for the Sindh government and PPP central leadership that drinking water supplied to the home town of party founder, Larkana is contaminated with human waste. This is what the most oppressive feudal leadership of the party will deliver to the people who vote for them in the name of democracy.

The Judicial Commission constituted by the Supreme Court, to investigate the authorities’ failure to provide clean drinking water, found that up to 90 percent water supplied to Karachi is unfit for human consumption due to the presence of bacterial contamination. The report is based on laboratory analysis of water samples collected from surface and underground water sources from different parts of metropolis. A constitutional petition was moved by a concerned citizen and lawyer against the provincial government failure to provide potable water and better sanitation to the people. The Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, while presiding over a three Judge Bench at the Supreme Court Karaci Registry try, during hearing of the petition expressed dissatisfaction over the prevalent conditions of availability of water.  “The situation in Sindh is very painful for me, he said. “Human waste is being used in drinking water,” the Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked. Chiding the Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah for incompetence of Sindh government, the Chief Justice asked him if he was ready to drink that water. He said, “I wish Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilwal Bhutto was present here to see and become aware of the situation in Larkana.”He told the Sindh Chief Minister, “You are an elected leader; only those nations succeed that believe in knowledge, leadership and law” The Chief Justice Supreme Court  proposed a six month deadline to solve the problem of unsafe drinking water and also hinted at extension if needed.

A lot of publicity was given to the setting up of Reverse Osmosis plants in Sindh to provide clean drinking water to the people of the province who the present PPP leadership claims to be under the spell of Bhuttoism. One may ask, “Is this the reward of their love for Z.A Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, and Bilawal Zardari Bhutto?”How long the feudal class of Sindh will mislead and cheat the most oppressed people of the province by using the name of Z.A Bhutto?  Is this the democracy, the tune of which the ruling feudal-mercantile political elite frequently harp when their musical chair is in danger? The civilian government dominated and controlled by this oppressive class purposely slash down substantially the education budget to deprive the people from acquiring knowledge by virtue of which they will become aware of their rights and duties. The Chief Justice Supreme Court has very aptly summed up the mind set of the ruling class in these remarks, while reprimanding the Sindh Chief Minister, “You are an elected leader, and only those nations succeed that believe in knowledge, leadership and law.” It is a moment of soul searching for the political leadership.

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