COVID-19, doctors safety

Safety kits are now manufacturing in a country, in addition to emergency supplies from China, but the protective suits and equipment are not being provided to the doctors, who are treating Corona Virus patients in government hospitals across countries. Being exposed to Corona Virus risks, Pakistan Medical association and Young Doctors association have declared a boycott from the duty, since today in Sindh.

In Balochistan, the provincial government had resorted to strong-arm tactics, ignoring the genuine demands of the doctors for the provision of COVID-19 safety gadgets. The protesting doctors were baton charged in Quetta and 40 of them were arrested. Moreover, Balochistan government has suspended 44 doctors over their failure to report for duty at Taftan Field Hospital to treat Corona Virus infected patients. The suspended doctors were denied providing safety kits. In the province of KP, the situation is also not enviable one.

In this world that is run rules and provisions, this kind of behavior is not only condemnable but rather strict actions should be taken against the people involved in high handedness against the doctor, who are the front line warriors in this state of global COVID-19 pandemic.