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Drugs openly sold under police nose in Farah

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FARAH CITY: Drugs are openly sold in some areas and even close to the police headquarters in the capital of western Farah province.

In Farah City, the provincial capital, Qala-i-Faraidon, Bagh-i-Kafi, and Chahar Bagh are areas where drugs are apparently sold and have most drug addicts.

A Pajhowk Pajhwok Afghan News reporter visited these areas and discovered a house in Lab-Gora area used for selling drugs near the police compound. The gates of the house having some rooms are always found closed but addicts obtain drugs from it.

Khwaja Mohammad, 35, a resident of Kunsak area, was taking heroin and was in a bad condition in Qala-i-Faraidon area. He said: “There are houses around Shahr-i-Kohna named Saqiha and people buy drugs from them.”

Abdul Bari, 28, another addict, confirmed Khwaja Mohammad’s account and said “Drugs are sold in specific areas, if you don’t believe me, so give me money to bring it.”

“Drug sellers have built new houses, they drive in latest cars. But the government can tell them something because they put money in pockets of officials, the government only beats and harasses addicts,” he continued. Abdul Ghani, 30, another addicted in the area, said he used to buy drugs from a house in Chahar Bagh area.

Yet another addict, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said many drugs addicts obtained drugs from houses in Bagh-i-Kafi and Lab-i-Gorak areas.

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