ECP must make the election process transparent: Fawad

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAB: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) must take steps to make the forthcoming Senate Election transparent after Supreme Court yesterday verdict regarding Presidential Reference on Open Ballot Senate Poll scheduled today on 03 March 2021.

It was observed by Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary during a news conference in Islamabad today. Fawad said that in the backdrop of Supreme Court’s verdict, government offered latest technologies to ECP to ensure transparent and identifiable ballot during a meeting with Chairman and members of ECP.

According to him, ECP listen them very cautiously, however, today, ECP said in a statement that due to shortage of time it could not bring reforms for identifiable ballot in senate election being held on Wednesday March 3, just one left.

However, Fawad was in view that ECP has to published about 1600-1700 ballot papers and it can be made easily. He said that technology is available, and it must be used to ensure transparency in the Senate elections.

Fawad repeated his yesterday suggestion that the technology being used for printing money notes can be easily utilized for printing ballot papers and QR codes can be used for that purpose.

Fawad went on saying that ECP duties are not limited only printing of ballot papers and holding elections at the polling stations, whereas it must make the process transparent. He demanded that ECP must take notice of Sindh Province, where Sindh government had withdrawn the security of opposition MPAs. One opposition MPA has been kidnapped over the night and today he told the facts at the house floor.   

Chaudhry Fawad claimed that PTI is united under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He informed the media that about 176 Parliamentarians attended the today’s luncheon arranged by Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to him all is well, Party is fully united, and tomorrow PTI candidates will be victorious in Senate Poll.

While highlighting own party’s preparedness for upcoming Senate Election, Fawad busted on the opposition for running unnecessary candidates in forthcoming Senate Polls and Asif Zardari recent visit to Punjab in the context of Senate Election. He also lamented the Bilawal and Maryum Nawaz for their immaturity in the politics, while referring their previous decision of contesting the Senate Poll and latest option of long march.

While answering a question regarding allotment of tickets, he said that a thirteen members board headed by Prime Minster Imran Khan has allotted the tickets to party workers after details deliberation.