Educ Ministry introduces girls education policy

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KABUL: The Ministry of Education (MoE) introduced the Girls Education Policy in Kabul, that has been drawn up in collaboration between the MoE, Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

Acting Education Minister Mirwais Balkhi said at a ceremony that based on the policy, they will increase the number of female teachers, they will provide more facilities for girls and will launch awareness programs in remote areas to encourage families to send their girls to school. According to Balkhi, MoE has started hiring 30,000 female teachers across the country in a bid to increase the number of girl students.

“In this policy, first of all, we have highlighted the social, cultural, traditional and economic barriers that prevent girls from attending school. Our objectives are to work to provide facilities to help girls go to school,” said Balkhi. Based on education ministry statistics, around 10 million children are in school and 3.6 percent of children are not in school. Of those not in school, 60 percent are girls.

The ministry said insecurity, poverty and tradition were the reasons many of these children are not in school.

Meanwhile, First Lady Rula Ghani said providing better educational opportunities for girls has always been a priority of the National Unity Government.

She said if girls attend school and then enter the workplace, they will help Afghanistan’s economic growth. “When I say they should attend education and have access to all professions, it will not be good only for them, but will be beneficial for the entire society,” said Rula Ghani.

“Special attention should be paid to increase the number of girl students, providing continued facilities for women, decreasing the level of illiteracy and helping girls to continue their education,” Women Affairs Minister Delbar Nazari said.

Canadian ambassador to Kabul David Metcalfe meanwhile said helping girls gain access to education has been one of his country’s priorities in Afghanistan.

Metcalfe said investing in education is a positive investment adding that educated girls and women can bring positive changes to society.

In addition to this, government said this year it plans to build around 2,700 new schools across the country. (TOLOnews)