Employees of to comply with local law: Mujahid

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Islamic Emirate spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said that employees of international institutions who work in different sectors in Afghanistan are obliged to comply with the laws of the country.

Mujahid told TOLOnews that the Islamic Emirate has the right to arrest people who do not follow the principles and laws of the country.

“If an employee of an organization disobeys the laws of the country or acts contrary to the principles laid down for them, they will be arrested, and a government has the right to do this,” the spokesman told TOLOnews.

Some economist believe that the Islamic Emirate should facilitate the work of humanitarian institutions in the country and share specific procedures with them.

“If they [Islamic Emirate] cooperate with them in ensuring their security, and cooperate with them regarding their plans and programs that they want to implement, and not interfere in their affairs, I think the interest of international institutions will increase,” said Abdul Naseer Reshtia, an economist.

This comes as earlier some humanitarian organizations reported the arrest of some of their workers by the Islamic Emirate.