Exhibition of women’s paintings opened in Kabul city

KABUL (TOLOnews): The exhibition is aimed at drawing attention to the closing of schools for girls above grade six.
The organizers said the pieces speak about the story of Afghan women.
“We wanted to pave the way for further engagement of women and their social activities by holding this exhibition,” said Sayed Mohammad Naseer Hosseini, an organizer of the exhibition.
“We wanted to display these pictures today and to display the talents of the women,” said Hakim Hekmatyar, an organizer.
Many girls with art being displayed in the exhibition are prevented from going to school.
“We aimed to draw the suffering and pain of the people of Afghanistan, particularly women and girls, who cannot go to school and must do other activities because of the restrictions,” said Huma, an artist.
“It has been a year since the schools have been closed to us. We cannot go to school and thus we turn to the arts so we can explain the pain of our hearts through painting,” said Fatima, an artist.
Visitors expressed happiness over the exhibition.
“We came here and visited the artistic pieces. I think such an exhibition be held in the future as well,” said Khatera, a visitor.