FBR freezes bank accounts of 15 richest Pakistanis for non-payment of tax

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) has frozen bank accounts of country’s 15 richest people for non-payment of tax, on Friday.

Fast-tracking the action against tax defaulters, the FBR made the move against the wealthy people for not paying one percent capital value tax on Rs100 million assets kept abroad.

These 15 richest people owed some Rs450 million in taxes to FBR.

Sources said the Board has constituted 15 teams in this regard which after meeting all legal requirements froze these bank accounts.

The FBR has maintained that the high court has upheld the imposition of this capital value tax by declaring it legal.

The FBR also recalled that the prime minister had also directed it to accelerate the tax recovery process from wealthy tax defaulters.

According to sources in FBR, the 15 tax defaulters included names of some prominent businessmen and bankers.