Flag upside down. The Americans made another embarrassment

Olga Gavrilova

Americans cannot learn the colors of the Ukrainian flag. With enviable persistence, they demonstrate a “turn upside down”, that is, they paint yellow on top, and blue – on the bottom.

The American mission to the OSCE published an animated video on Twitter, in which the territory of Crimea was gradually painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, but upside down – blue was at the bottom and yellow at the top. This video was attached to a text in which, on behalf of the American mission in the organization, stood up for Ukraine and called on Russia to allow the OSCE to fulfill its mandate. Including in the Crimea occupied by Russia.

Maybe there was no intent. It’s just because of some insurmountable circumstance that Americans cannot learn the colors of the national symbol of Ukraine. Although this fact, of course, somehow blurred the good intentions of the United States to protect the peninsula, whose blue sky was literally “lowered” to the ground. However, what is there to be surprised when the president of Ukraine himself gets confused in the arrangement of the colors of his native banner. Commenting on an article by Vladimir Putin about relations between Ukrainians and Russians, Vladimir Zelensky said that “if Ukrainians and Russians were one people, then hryvnia would circulate in Moscow, and a yellow-blue flag would fly over the State Duma.”

On the other hand, the inverted Ukrainian flag is such a small, one might say, childish prank compared to the mistakes in geography and history that American leaders periodically make. Moreover, it even happened that the US presidents were confused about the number of their home states. Barack Obama, for example, proudly announced during one of his election speeches that he managed to visit 57 states (although there are only 50). Donald Trump wondered if Finland was part of Russia and called Belgium a beautiful city. In terms of the number of pearls, George W. Bush was unmatched. In his view, Africa was not a continent, but a country. Also thought while being vice president and Joe Biden. Later, having already become the head of the White House, Biden at the G7 summit confused Syria and Libya three times and mistakenly named his vice president Kamala Harris “

As for the wrong image of the Ukrainian flag, the Americans were even embarrassed by their own. In 2019, behind Trump’s back, during a speech at the student summit in Washington, everyone saw a two-headed eagle with golf clubs. In this peculiar way, the author of the collage, the creative director of the event, as he himself later admitted, played up Trump’s love of golf and his alleged connections with the Kremlin.

Courtesy: (Radio Sputnik)