Former ANDSF officers in India hold demonstration

KABUL (Tolo News): A number of army officers serving in the previous Afghan government who received military training in various military courses and academies in India said that they are facing an uncertain future and economic challenges in that country.
Over 180 officers held a protest in front of the Indian External Affairs Ministry and said they were living in an uncertain situation. They said the Indian government did not fulfill the promises it made to them after the fall of the former government. The officers stated that it has been four months since they graduated from the academies and training courses in the country and they have come to New Delhi where they are living now.
“We, officers of Afghanistan’s National Army, have graduated from academies and courses in India. We are in a very difficult economic and psychological situation. There is no entity to hear our voice. The Indian government as the host gave us lots of promises during our training, but has not fulfilled those promises,” a protester said.
“We graduated from and passed through various academies in India, and there are officers who have come from different training centers here in India. We were told the Indian government will provide us with any kind of help that they can. There were certain promises which were made to us. It has been now four months since we have moved to Delhi and we are living here, but we have not heard anything from the Indian government or anything from the defense department in India,” another protester said. These officers called on the Indian government to fulfill its promises toward the Afghan army officers and clarify their future options. Following the political change in Afghanistan, most of the military officers who had gone to foreign countries for training are living in a state of uncertainty.