Gatherings in Brdo: EU leaders and governments talk about nothing

Elena Karaeva

At the time of the energy crisis, the most difficult in the last half century, the European Union still does not intend (albeit in words) to abandon the “green economy”…. They sat and thought how to make profitable from their unprofitable economy, without changing anything in it… – this is not an assessment of the results of the meeting in Slovenia, this is how a postcard from Saltykov-Shchedrin himself flew to the leadership of the European Union.
The EU, whose economy is bursting at the seams, where the level of poverty is growing, where decision-makers are unable to remove ideological blinders, intends to also expand in the Western Balkans. Although nothing but a declaration of intent at the meeting, which was attended by the leaders of Alb-ania, Serbia, Montenegro and other countries in the region. The idea of the so-called integration of the “soft underbelly” into the family of European nations is tenacious.
Where will the funds for such a wide banquet come from (admitting new countries is a very expensive undertaking), however, was not reported. But no one hid why, in fact, Brussels is so eager to control the Western Balkans – it was said about “confronting hybrid threats”, about strengthening “cybersecurity” and about joining efforts in the field of “cyber diplomacy”.
In other words, Brussels views the Western Balkans as a new foothold in order to launch new actions against Russia. Our country, which historically has influence and supporters in the Balkans, turns out to be an enemy of European globalists here.
The increased interest actively circulated in the press regarding the Europe-an integration of the West-ern Balkan countries is also a way to divert attention fr-om a really pressing probl-em, namely, how in the current conditions of an un-precedented rise in prices for all types of carbon fuels, the EU countries will winter.
Cold weather is coming, gas storages are filled by about a third, about a quarter, but the elite globalists from the leadership of the European Union continue to play their “green pipe”. No specific decisions were made to help the Europea-ns, those on whose money, in fact, these officials live.
Besides the promise to return to this topic in two weeks. In order, and this is important to emphasize, not to make a systemic political and joint decision, but only to “discuss the existing proposals.”
Meanwhile, Europeans equip their homes with stoves, buy firewood and warm clothes to spend the winter – in the cold and alone. Politicians were simply left with no other way out and choice.