Gen Bajwa was Super King who made all decisions in PTI tenure: Imran

LAHORE (NNI): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan Sunday said ex-army chief Gen retired Qamar Javed Bajwa confessed that he had toppled the PTI government.
Addressing the people through a video link, Imran Khan said Gen Bajwa in an interview with a senior journalist Javed Chaudhry also admitted that he used to control the National Accountability Bureau (NAB)’s affairs.
“Gen Bajwa was a super king who decided everything during his tenure,” he said adding that he had to face criticism for the Bajwa’s decisions. The ex-premier said that the former army chief is responsible for the current poor economic plight of the country. “These people were only concerned with saving their money and were afraid the PTI would come to power,” the deposed premier said. The society suffers as a result of torture on those with less power, he added. He demanded that an independent inquiry should be held regarding the toppling of his government. He said that the people will feel soon the fallout of the Pakistan agreement with the IMF.
In response to the LHC’s decision to hold elections in Punjab within 90 days, Mr Khan praised the judiciary, saying the PTI had high expectations of the judiciary. He feared the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) would mount pressure on the judiciary. “The masses were looking up to the judiciary to protect the constitution,” Mr Khan said. He recalled his call for snap elections to get the country out of its quagmire. Speaking about the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mr Khan said, “The country will face negative consequences due to the agreement with the IMF.” Earlier, Imran Khan in an interview with Voice of America English said that it is inevitable for Pakistan to have a good relationship with Afghanistan regardless of any government in Kabul. In an interview with aired on Saturday, Imran Khan stressed that the country has to somehow get Kabul to “work with us again” and jointly deal with the issue of terrorism. Khan said whatever government is in Afghanistan, Pakistan must have a good relationship with them. Our foreign minister spent all his time on foreign trips but never visited Afghanistan.
“Our interest is that having a good relationship with the government in Kabul means that we have a 2,500-kilometer border with them. This means that if there are problems of terrorism, then they will help us.”
“As the prime minister of Pakistan, he tried his best to keep up with Ashraf Ghani-led government on good terms in order to get Kabul’s help in dealing with terrorism.” We cannot afford another war against terrorism at this time.”
In the interview, Imran also spoke on the recent criticism surrounding the PTI government’s decision to negotiate with the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) before it was ousted. PTI chairman Imran Khan also blamed the “negligence” of Pakistan’s security forces and intelligence agencies for the rising incidents of terrorism in the country.
Over the past few months, the law and order situation in the country has worsened, with terrorist groups executing attacks with near impunity across the country.
Talking about his relationship with former army chief retired General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the ex-premier said that his government and the military were on the “same page”.
“We worked together, and you know, Pakistan was considered one of the success stories of Covid-19.”
Imran Khan said that problems arose between General Bajwa and us when he supported some of the biggest criminals of the country.
General Bajwa wanted us to forgive the corruption of these thieves and work together with them. “General Bajwa had a close relationship with Shahbaz Sharif which paved the way for the regime change operation,” he added.
On relations with the US, he said it is proven that the ‘conspiracy’ to topple my government was hatched in Pakistan and sent to the US. Imran Khan said that the US is a superpower and that Pakistan should have friendly relations with it.
To another question, he said that the economy of Pakistan has been badly destroyed. “Currently Pakistan is going through the worst economic and political crisis in history. A government elected by the people should have a responsibility as well as authority.”
Chairman PTI said the credibility of the Election Commission has been completely destroyed, in which case it is impossible to hold transparent elections. “All the political parties rejected the local body elections of Sindh,” he hinted.
Khan believed that a country’s system fails if its elected government doesn’t have both responsibility and authority. He stressed that the elected governments must have authority as well as responsibility.