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Ghani apologizes to Afghan woman after controversial head scarf remarks

KABUL (NNI): President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani apologized to the Afghan woman after his controversial remarks regarding the head scarf put him under immense pressure, mainly from the women and rights activists.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said President Ghani is one of the main advocates for women’s rights and has always worked for their status in the community.

The statement further added that the government has taken extraordinary steps in the past three to strengthen the role and rights of the women.

However, ARG Palace said President Ghani’s remarks regarding the head scarf have been misinterpreted by certain individuals who are attempting to disrupt the thoughts of the people.

According to ARG Palace, President Ghani made the remarks with a cultural interpretation as he pointed towards the head scarf and in no way he had any intentions to insult the women.

The statement said President Ghani extends his apology to the Afghan women in case his remarks have affected their emotions.

President Ghani made the remarks during the transfer of the border police forces to the ministry of defense as he attempted to defend the government officials against the accusations of the critics who had claimed that certain government officials are having ties with the ISIS terrorist group.

Speaking in harsh words, President Ghani said those who have made such claims should prove it and those who are unable to prove it must wear head scarf.

His remarks have become a hot subject on social media as the majority of the people criticize him for the offensive words.

According to the social media users, President Ghani has indirectly insulted the women by making such remarks while others are saying that such remarks by the leader of the country are inappropriate emphasizing that the president has continuously been delivering such provocative remarks without considering the formalities and politeness in speech.

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