Ghani’s fleeing caused state collapse: Abdullah

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KABUL (Tolo News): Abdullah Abdullah, the former chairperson of the High Council for National Reconciliation, said that former president Ashraf Ghani’s fleeing from the country left Afghanistan in chaos and resulted in the collapse of the government.
Talking at the India Today Conclave 2021, Abdullah said the culmination of a number of issues caused the state to collapse, adding Ghani was part of those issues. According to Abdullah, Ghani’s distrust toward political leaders, the fraudulent elections and corruption all paved the way for what happened in August.
He said there were “so many flaws in our own system, bad elections one after another, Ghani not trusting people and mistrust between him and the leadership, (and) corruption were some of the factors.” He also said the peace agreement signed between the United States and the Islamic Emirate in Doha did not help the peace process to succeed.
“At the same time when the US signed a deal with the Taliban under the Doha Agreement, the peace element of it was very weak,” he added. Ashraf Ghani fled the country on August 15, the day the forces of the Islamic Emirate arrived at the entrance to Kabul and later entered the city. Two days after his fleeing, Reuters reported that Ghani had transferred out $169 million in cash. Recently, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) office said it is about to launch an investigation into the case.

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