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Govt asked to announce new gas mix formula

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ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders on Tuesday said the government has decided to provide gas at uniform prices for industrial consumers across the country which is getting the mixed response from the industrial consumers.

It said the industries dependent on cheap local gas are opposing the move because they will have to pay more for the energy while the industrial sector using imported gas is welcoming the decision as they will see a substantial cut in the cost of doing business.

The industrial sector in Punjab is paying four times higher rate for the gas which is imported while the industries in other provinces are using local gas which is cheaper which has resulted in issues like increased cost of doing business for the Punjab-based industrial sector, said Patron Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders Shahid Rasheed Butt in a statement on Tuesday.

The textile mills in Punjab have long been demanding uniform tariff for gas while the millers of Sindh are opposing this move, therefore, the government has decided to mix bother gases to bring uniformity in the energy prices, he added.

He said the government has decided to sell mixed gas but so far a formula including the pricing has not been devised to make this happen which is adding to the anxiety of the business community.

It said mixing gas can make matters complex which can deter private and foreign investors, the business leader said, adding that natural gas mixed with LNG will ensure energy security.


It said mixed gas will be supplied to the industries by mixing LNG with natural gas that would lead to slight price hike but would be more profitable for the businessmen.

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