Govt mulls better internet services for women, children

KABUL (Afghanistan Time): Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology said on Tuesday that it will deliver safer and faster internet services for women and children.

The pledge was given during a ceremony on the occasion of ‘safer internet day’.

Children and women are highly likely to be misused, threatened and harassed through social networks. We have teamed up with ministries of education and women’s affairs to curb the threat,” said Telecommunication Minister Shahzada Aryobi.

Speaking at the ceremony, Aryobi said the ministry in cooperation with the related sectors and organizations working over laws to provide a safer internet facility for women and children.

Running of awareness campaign about threats and challenge of internet is another step which will help children and women to be safe of internet threats, he added. Media role is more important in awareness campaign.

Pointing to high costs and low quality, he elaborated that steps are underway to boost up internet speed and decrease its prices through linking in Chahbahar, China and Azerbaijan in future.

The MoTIT will provide to 115 high schools internet facilities in coming education year and will be expanded to all schools across the country, he noted.

He said that 200 schools will be provided with internet training centers and 1000 is under survey.

While expressing pleasure over increasing of internet facility, he said that currently around 9.7 million people using internet in the country.

Minister of Education Mirwais Balkhi internet brought big changes in the education and learning system.

Internet has positive and negative impacts and threats, so it needs to be safer for children in the country, he asserted.

He stated that after coming of internet, as much as people spent half of live time in social media and other sites, thus it is essential to be safe resources particularly for children and women.

He pledges that MoE will exert utmost efforts to foster awareness about negative impact and threats of internet among children through curriculum in the country.

Deputy of Ministry of Woman’s Affairs Nabilah Mosleh internet is the most useful learning resource for women, but unfortunately it is not safer.

She said that women are misusing, insulting, threatening and seducing through internet particularly in social medias, thus it is required of related organs to pave a safe internet facility for women.

Also only women in cities have access to internet facility, due to lack of electricity, economic challenges and old taboos mostly women are deprived of internet facility in remote areas and districts, he said.