Govt rejects NAB’s summary for abolition of its autonomy

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The government has rejected a summary of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) seeking abolition of its autonomy by declaring the Bureau as a Civil Service Occupational Group, on Monday.

The government has rejected the summary seeking the abolition of the NAB’s autonomy and also dismissed the suggestion to end the independence of the NAB chairman.

The NAB has sent the summary to the government and demanded that employment in the bureau be declared as a Civil Service Occupational Group.

The Ministry of Law also wrote a letter to the NAB stating that employment in the Bureau cannot be declared civil servant.

The letter further stated that the NAB would not remain an independent institution if suggestions proposed by the Bureau were given a green signal.

It also added that the independence of the NAB chairman will also be culminated by doing so.