Great game and lesser nations

According to reports, the Republic of Kosovo had declared an employee of the UN mission (UNMIK) from the Russian Federation persona non grata. The Kosovo Foreign Minister, Donika Gervala told the media that she decided to declare the Russian representative in the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) persona non grata because of his harmful activities, which violates the national security of the Republic of Kosovo. While responding to a media query regarding Kosovo decision, Russian Foreign Ministry termed the Pristina’s decision an anti-Russian and anti-UN provocation undertaken to curry favor with Western allies. Russia said that the Kosovo Albanian maneuver will be given a tough and unequivocal rebuke through UNMIK and called on the United Nations administration of the province to fully ensure the safety of its Russian employees.
Kosovo is a partially independent Balkan state, which announced its independence from Serbia in 2008. The UNMIK mission, which was working in Kosovo since 1999, had reviewed its mandate from peacekeeping to the promotion of security, stability and respect for human rights in Kosovo. Russia, a close Serbian ally and former patron in chief of Communist bloc, did not recognise independent Kosovo so far.
Kosovo had forged close relations with the United States, the European Union and was struggling to join the NATO alliance. Kosovo’s affiliation with western bloc and its desire to join an anti-Russian alliance does not suit Serbia and the Russian Federation. Earlier, Kosovo Foreign Ministry had declared two diplomats working in Russian Embassy Serbia and also oversee Russian diplomatic affairs in Kosovo, persona non grata in October 2021. Kosovo’s authorities vowed to fight against the negative influence of the Russian Federation and its satellites in the region, who are actively working to undermine the achievements of Kosovo and its partners, primarily the United States, NATO and the EU. Presently, Kosovo, a small Balkan nation has been caught between two belligerent blocs and compelled to choose one of them for survival of its sovereignty. Kosovo sided with the United States, and now playing at its behalf, however the great game had always harmed the lesser nations who played beyond their capabilities.