Hekmatyar ask Ghani to step down

KABUL (Tolo News): Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar at a rally of his supporters in Kabul asked President Ashraf Ghani to resign over what they described as the Afghan leader’s “deliberate attempt” to disrupt the peace process and his “failure” to fix the ongoing fragile security situation. Hekmatyar, who addressed his supporters from an armored booth, said that those at the Presidential Palace are trying to disrupt the peace process.

“You should accept people’s demand and you should stop your ‘evil acts’ and be ready for the transition of power to a new government,” Hekmatyar added. He said the rallies by his supporters are also aimed to pass on his message to all parties for considering a change in the current political system ahead of the UN-led conference on Afghanistan in Turkey.

“By organizing these demonstrations, we want to put pressure on the government and convey the message to the national and international parties that our nation is tired of the incumbent government and they want an immediate change,” Hekmatyar said. The Afghan government so far has not reacted to Hekmatyar’s remarks. Hekmatyar’s supporters said the people are tired of the ongoing violence and the seek peace.

“Youths are killed every day. They don’t care about people’s sacrifices because their children are living abroad. They have dual citizenship and they will never feel the suffering of the people,” said Sumaiya, a protestor. “It will be good for them to choose a dignified path and let these people achieve peace,” said Amin Karim, a member of Hizb-e-Islami.

Some residents of Kabul said Hekmatyar should put forward his plan for discussions if he is willing to help the peace process. “If Hekmatyar has any alternative, he should bring it forward for discussions, but he always insists on overthrowing (of the government),” Kabul resident Abdul Jan said. “This system has not been built so easily. We have rendered thousands of sacrifices to safeguard it,” Kabul resident Abdul Khaliq said.