Ideological prejudice spreads virus in another form

Zhong Sheng

While the world is joining China’s efforts in fighting the novel coronavirus and rooting for the country with great warmth, some US politicians are smearing China again and again.

They attacked on the country and its system and sowed discord between China and other countries. They sabotaged the bottom line of morality and civilization, created ideological prejudice and spread the virus of Cold-War mentality. What they did has damaged international relations.

However, China’s achievements in preventing and controlling the epidemic have drawn wide praise from the international community on the fundamental purpose of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to serve the people wholeheartedly, as well as the Party’s governance capability to lead people of all ethnic groups across the country to cope with difficulties and challenges. This presents a stark contrast. Such praise is like a thorn in the flesh for some US politicians who are obsessed with zero-sum games.  They have been making all kinds of evil remarks these days, harping on the same string.

What they have done, taking advantage of China’s precarious situation and attacking the country when it is in a difficult time, has crossed the bottom line of human civilization and humanity. What’s more, some of them even gloated over China’s misfortune, blatantly claiming that China’s losses in the epidemic may become the gains of the US.

This has just revealed to the world their sinister mindset of taking profits from other people’s losses. To put it bluntly, these narrow-minded and paranoid politicians are afraid of China’s economic and social progress, the wealth of the Chinese people, and the prosperity of the country.

They stick to the absurd philosophy that the historic achievements and leapfrog development made by the Chinese people under the leadership of the CPC are a threat to the US Just like an empty sack cannot stand upright, the endless ridiculous remarks of these US politicians cannot become mainstream public opinion. The international community acknowledges that over the past few decades, it is under the leadership of the CPC that more than 800 million Chinese have shaken off poverty and more than 400 million Chinese have joined middle-income group. This has brought tremendous development opportunities to the world.

Justice naturally inhabits man’s heart. The CPC once again won wide respect and admiration from the world because of its effective actions to lead the people to fight the epidemic. The unprecedented safety precautions adopted by the CPC, the newly-built medical facilities under “China Speed” and the continuous improved prevention methods show the CPC’s excellent governance capacity, said Aikyn Konurov, secretary of the Central Committee of the Kazakh Communist People’s Party.

Simon Compaore, acting chairman of Burkina Faso’s People’s Movement for Progress said the political decisions and health prevention and control measures taken by the CPC will be milestones in the history of human epidemic management. The international community generally believes that under the strong leadership of the CPC, China has the confidence and capability to win the battle against the epidemic, and the responsible CPC is precisely the fortune of China and the world. However, some American politicians are so stubborn that they are still seeking fulfilment in their misjudgment of the reality, which is totally absurd. At a time when fighting the novel coronavirus has become an urgent task of the international community, these US politicians are acting enthusiastically, believing it is a perfect time for them to spread ideological prejudice and the virus of Cold-War mentality.

Some of them clamored that China has become the number one geopolitical foe of the US, and some used the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic to sow discord between China and its neighboring countries. Some even spread rumors to the media that China is planning for massive theft of genetic data from Africa by building a center for disease control there. Sadly, such rumors will only destroy the image of these politicians and bring shame to the US.

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center indicated that 45% of respondents believe that the US is a major threat to the world. Obviously, the US has caused huge damage for itself by its own evil deeds, and such damage is also a serious threat to the Uncle Sam.  It should be recognized that ideological prejudice and the Cold-War mentality are destined to be the scourge of international relations.

The epidemic tests conscience while misfortune tests friendship. At the critical moment, the international community chooses justice and conscience, upholds its goodwill towards China, and stands firmly with China. To build a community with a shared future for mankind has become a mainstream voice in the international community, encouraging people across the world to join hands to fight the epidemic. We have every reason to believe that with the mutual help and joint efforts of human beings, we will definitely beat all viruses in the end.