IEA doors open to all compatriots, says Deputy PM

KABUL (Agencies): The Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for political Affairs Mawlawi Abdul Kabir met with Engineer Hasibullah Kleemzi, the deputy of the Meshrano Jirga of the ex-administration, at Sepadar Palace.
Engineer Hasibullah Kleemzi expressed his satisfaction with his return to the country in a meeting with Deputy PM Kabir he said the image that is being displayed outside the Islamic Emirate is completely different from the conditions prevailing in Afghanistan.
Believing that there is joy, peace, and honor in the homeland, a large number of former officials and our compatriots abroad are ready to return to the country, and in the matter, he shared his suggestions and ideas.
Later, Kabir thanked Mr. Kleemzi and several personalities who returned to the country, adding that the Islamic Emirate doors are open to all compatriots and all those who worked in any position in the previous administration can come home and live in peace in the country.